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AndRew - Requi2itioned Roleplay Repo2t - Once more, with... oh whatever let2 ju2t go.

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[uP]: No, I think månnequins åre lovely......I've just been more ånxious åround my collection låtely.....
[uP]:So It's for the greåter good...?.......thåt's reåssuring.....I don't know how, but you're ålwåys more reåssuring thån cålyps......
[uP]: even though you're full of doom ånd gloom ånd sometimes shout at me >: ) .......


[uP]: Yeåh.....Cåtena told me it would be okåi, so I decided to relåx...
[uP]: wåit, timer...!?!?!?.....
[uP]: Greåt, I wås just relåxing too....
[uP]: ånd why is my house shaking?

>>select strife specubis

Suddenly, you feel a lot less safe. You decide to grab a well made origami ninja star for safety. Your strife specubis sets itself to origami kind, seeing as the paper craftsmenship is clearly the emphasis here.


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[HL]: okay--- It's--- done- so--<so what-- now---?
[HL]: the- server--- that is-

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[CO]: Anxious? * How * so?
[CO]: Do * you * feel * as * though * you * have * any * reason * to * be * anxious? * They're * just * mannequins, * after * all.
[CO]: Also, * it * is * good * to * know * that * my * dark * and * mysterious * ways * comfort * you.

> Troll Calyps

[CO]: You * better * be * taking * care * of * her!
[CO]: Not * that * I * don't * trust * that * you * aren't, * but * she * seems * anxious * right * now.
[CO]: ...And * I * guess * that * that * isn't * really * new, * but...
[CO]: Okay, * you * should * get * back * to * her * before * she * gets * a * face * full * of * meteor.

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[uP]: I dunno......perhåps it's just my current emotionål imbalance misconstruing things for me....
[uP]: I need to prototype my kernel ågåin, the instructions såy....
[uP]: whåt do you suggest......?.........

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[sO]: well i gue2222 y@u 22h@uld find 22@me@ne t@ play it with
[sO]: 22epiu22 t@ld me hi22 c@pie22 were c@ming in the mail 22@@n &:0

>Deploy Alchemiter
You put it on the deck of the wrecked ship half of her house, well away of anything that looks important.
Anyway, this is serious! You can move it later.

[sO]: becau22e i had t@ fix it
[sO]: n@w g@ g@ g@
[sO]: bef@re the mete@r kill22 y@u

[sO]: d@n't w@rry cat!
[sO]: i ju22t fini22hed depl@ying everything
[sO]: and 22he even managed t@ pr@t@type her lu22u22 already
[sO]: y@u 22h@uld make 22ure 22he kn@w22 what t@ d@ with all that 22tuff
[sO]: d@ y@ur my22teri@u22 thing &;p


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[CO]: Perhaps * one * of * your * mannequins?
[CO]: Er, * if * they're * not * still * disturbing * you, * that * is.
[CO]: What * do * you * have * around * your * hive * that * might * be * a * useful * guide?


[CO]: I * contacted * her * already. * Good * to * know * that * she's * at * least * safe!
[CO]: She's * trying * to * make * her * second * prototying * right * now.

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You wake up after feeling some UNKNOWN FORCE shout at you. You look at yyour side, frowning at the fact it's still quite burned.

> Check the time!

No need! Your lusus crawls in, telling you that you have received something in your PERSONALIZED MAILBOX.

> Infrom comrade(s)

[TC]: grrrstupidlightning...
[TC]: itfrigginburnedme!
[TC]: I'lltellyouwhatthelightningislater...
[TC]. AfterIkillit. >:]

[TC]. HeydudeI'mabouttogetmycopyofthegame...
[TC]: whatkindofplayerdoyouneed?

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[uP]: ƒixing...?....
[uP]: Nevermind, you're right, got to get to work..


[uP]: ummm.....
[uP]: I håve ån old piråte codex åround here somehwere...
[uP]: it's certåinly guided me well...
[uP]: I ƒirst should check out these devices thåt Cålyps put here....


>>Go Go Go

You head to the new wing of your house, which house a variety of unfamiliar instruments


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[HL]: okay--- I'll ask--
[HL]: o--h look-- never-- mind<mind


[HL]: all-- of them<them
[HL]: no--- i need---- you-- to start--- your-- client<client
[HL]: then-- I will-- attempt-- to connect-- and start
[HL]: this<this -- shindig---

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[TC]: okaybutitwilltakeawhile.
[TC]: Ineedtokillsomelightningfirst...
[TC]: thenIneedtoinstallthegame.
[TC]: manpostalserviceupheresucks...

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[HL]: oh-- okay-- cool-----
[HL]: wait<wait
[HL]: lightning?--- you-- can kil--- it???<it???
[HL]: I havent--- read--- that--- before<before ?:o

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[TC]: wellitdependsonwhatkindoflightningyou'retalkingabout.
[TC]: thekindbymyhiveisevil!
[TC]: itkeepstryingtokillme!
[TC]: soImmatakemytablelegandreturnthefavor.
[TC]: >;]

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[HL]: yeah--- cool you--- are completely right<right
[HL]: that-- will - work-- best of luck<luck


[HL]: you're--- right<right sepius--- is an-- idiot

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[sO]: wait what
[sO]: but y@u ju22t 22aid-
[sO]: ...
[sO]: uh, g@@d luck, i gue2222
[sO]: n@w that y@u're armed
[sO]: n@t like i can really 22t@p y@u n@w &:p

[sO]: yeahh, uh
[sO]: i d@n't kn@w what t@ tell y@u ab@ut that guy
[sO]: let'22 ju22t h@pe he d@e22n't get killed @r m@rtally w@unded by hi22 electrical 22henanigan22

[sO]: &;D that'22 the 22pirit
[sO]: n@w g@ make the crazy gadget22 d@ 22@mething
[sO]: like y@ur life depend22 @n it
[sO]: which i think it d@e22


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[TC]: thanksdude!
[TC]: youaren'tasbitterandsarcasticasIthoughtyouwere!
[TC]: wellseeya!

trulyCunning [TC]
has become an idle troll





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[HL]: oh man---- you ----- READ-- ME-- LIKE-- A --- BOOK
[HL]: BU DUM---- TS!
[HL]: ?:D
[Hl]: oh--- jegus--- he actually--- went to--- fight<fight it
[HL]: ?:|


[HL]: *sniff* i dont-- know-- why I---- find-- that<that
[HL]: so----- funny ?:0

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((Can I just say that this is THE BEST RP EVER!?!?))

> Talk to "supposed comrades"


[TC]: ouch...
[TC]: Igotthegameandit'sinstallingbut...
[TC]: isortofsacrificedapartofmyunburnedfleshindoingso...
[TC]: afewpartsactually.....
[TC]: jegus...


[TC]: turnsoutatablelegdoesnothing...
[TC]: andyougottomeabittoolate...
[TC]: andnow...
[TC]: Iamburned...
[TC]: butmycopyisinstalling...
[TC]: sointheendwasitworthit?
[TC]: anywayI'mthinkingaboutattackingthatstupidlightningagain.
[TC]: D:<
[TC]: Imeanhowrudecanyouget!?

((Gog, I did NOT KNOW he was this stupid...))

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[uP]: Exåctly......
[uP]: whåt's he up to now...?...

>> collect useful items from house

all these machines seem rather bizzarre, and you see no way of divining there meaning by just standing around. you decide to head to your room to see what you can gather for eventual use in the quest.

approximately ten minutes later, you have the unopened package of uniforms, half a mannequin,the pirate guide book, spare origami paper, and a really lovely looking, but utterly useless in combat prop sword. Time to head back to the work room.



[uP]: ålright I'm in the work room, I brought some lovely stuff with me....
[uP]: ånd the månuål mentions nothing åbout these devices....
[uP]: and the kernel's over there...
[uP]: åny ådvice.......?....
[uP]:Cåuse right now the månuål hås none...


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[sO]: n@ n@ n@ n@, 22t@p
[sO]: think f@r a 22ec@nd
[sO]: will it burn y@u if y@u ju22t 22tay away fr@m it?
[sO]: a22 in d@n't attack it
[sO]: ...
[sO]: well i think bax can 22erver y@u
[sO]: and i'll g@ l@@k f@r my client grubdi22k when i get a few h@ur2 t@ 22pare

[sO]: i think a 22ec@nd pr@t@typing 22h@uld wait
[sO]: maybe give it 22@me th@ught
[sO]: try the valve wheel thing @n the cruxgizm@? n@w that it'22 unbl@cked?
[sO]: unle2222 it ju22t @pen22 it


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[uP]: I think thåt wås it's purpose........
[uP]: How much time do I håve left...?.....You fåced the timer side towårds å wåll....I cannot see it.....


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[tC]: hmm...
[tC]: Iguessyoukindahaveapointthere...
[tC]: maybeIshouldjustrelaxandwaitforthisfrigginthingtoinstall...
[tC]: ohandhowwouldyourecommendtreatinguh...
[tC]: whateverthedegreeburnlightinggivessomeone...
[tC]: cuzI'mreallysore...
[tC]: kindaeverwhere...

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[HL]: have---- it---- installed<installed-- yet??

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[tC]: notyet...
[tC]: it'sclosethough...
[tC]: sortabusybeingburnt...

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[sO]: maybe 22@p@r 22lime?
[sO]: like take a nap in y@ur recuperac@@n @r lie in it @r 22@mething
[sO]: i dunn@ if that d@e22 anything f@r burn22 but it22 w@rth a try

[sO]: about 34 minute22 and ~30 22ec@nd22
[sO]: and decrea22ing, 22@ we @ught t@ hurry
[sO]: i d@n't kn@w what y@u have t@ d@ but
[sO]: try playing with the gadget22 and thing22 and maybe we'll figure 22@mething @ut


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[tC]: heythanksman!
[tC]: itisDEFINITELYworthashot...
[tC]: mightaswellsinceI'mwaiting...

> Abandon comrades and take a nap.


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