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AndRew - Requi2itioned Roleplay Repo2t - Once more, with... oh whatever let2 ju2t go.

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[HL]: indeed-- he is- silen-t bro< bro
[HL]: cool - cool--- <cool so hey I ----know I- have all of -the book-s
[HL]: all-- of-- them<them
[HL]: so- here's a question--- <question do you---
[HL]: know --- that there are--- more-- books -- around?
[HL]: I - mean do-- you have- any<any?

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[sO]: haha &:p
[sO]: anyway i'm 22ure it'll be a l@t le2222 b@ring 22@@n
[sO]: and i'll 22ee t@ it that y@u get in @n thi22 game thing 22@meh@w

[sO]: i think i have a few
[sO]: 22aved @n thi22 huge clunky grubputer bea22t &:0

-- silentOroboros [SO] sent humoringLagspike [HL] the file "war and 22trife.pdf" --

[sO]: &:p
[sO]: recreati@n - "alternia'22 fav@rite pa22time"
[sO]: be22ide22 22en22ele2222ly murdering each@ther @f c@ur22e

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[uP]: oh heck yeåh.....!....
[uP]: Speåking of recreåtion, I got more uniforms today.....
[uP]: the shipments åre getting even more frequent...
[uP]: whåt's your tåke on this mysterious phenomenon....?....

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[tC]: thanksbro.
[tC]: holdonIneedtogo...
[tC]: lususisbitchingagain...

trulyCunning [TC]
ceased pestering silentOroboros [SO] at ??:??

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[HL]: ?Surprised
[HL]: I wasn't actually-- expecting- a bo--ook
[HL]: that's--- insane I guess--- I have to --- go -
[HL]: put this-- in war --archives
[HL]: be right -- back<back

>print this insanity

thank you disembodied voice, you do just that
and it turns out this book is ridiculously huge, whatever you can wait

>hurry this shit up

you know what, ---------- fuck you----- <you
it will take as long as it nee-oh its done, oh okay. let us be off then

>arrive at BATTLE AND VIOLENCE section

you walk into one of the many twisted and derailed train carts you live in, and put this stack of books in the pile of shit, organizing is ------ annoying, plus its almost an addiction, a powerful one in fact anyways no more of this OH SHI-
*woosh* *WHOO*
fucking fuck fuck --------------------------------fuck
<fuck freaking luses just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no ----------------no put<put<put<put<put me dowwwwn fuckkkkkkk------------------------ shit----- ------- - -------------------


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> Sepius: Retrieve cheese and crackers from kitchen

Well...it doesn't really matter, because you already had some in your hands...on a plate, of course. You reach your lusus' den and walk in. You give it the cheese and crackers.

> Oh shit.

It's gonna give you another damn lesson.

> ==>

This'll take a while.

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[sO]: @k, later then
[sO]: watch @ut f@r the @wl &:p

-- humoringLagspike [HL] is now an idle chum! --
[sO]: uh

[sO]: wh@ kn@w22 &:0
[sO]: it c@uld 22till be 22@me@ne y@u kn@w
[sO]: @r maybe whatever i22 22ending them think22 y@u're g@ing t@ need them f@r 22@mething?

Installation proceeds at an unremarkable pace.

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> Proceed

GOG DAMN that was boring...and no mention of any mail, either. Dammit...was it late...?

>Mope about in room

You head to your ROOM and MOPE ABOUT when you notice something. The light to your PERSONALIZED MAILBOX is blinking.

>Well, what are you waiting for? Go see what it is!

You begin the treacherous journey from your HIVE to the COLD AND UNFORGIVING OUTSOORS when you hear a large clap.
Fucking thunder creeps you out, so you dash back inside.
Dang, what're you gonna do now!?

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WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE jegus fuck this is freaking awesome
you proceed to surf the spires of derse, this is great, it's like a book a movie and a game all in one, no lag and everything this is just man, you do all the loopty loops all of them yeah man


>told you bitch

uuuuuuuuuuuugh what the fuck was thaaaaa---aaat you look around oh great you fell asleep again man freaking butter fingers up there really knows when to let go.

>well avenge your nap

?>Surprised *chuck* *miss* nope can't hit that grub licker whatever you check your watch. oh great asleep for how long now? dammit

>well what are you waiting for book it boy

you book it like you blazed through the SPIDERTROLL CHRONICLES back to your loft to fill the engine with coal, made it just in time, it gets so damn freezing in here. oh hello what's this?
you pick up a envelope on your laptop, it reads SGRUB FOR YOU oh okay cool umm
--humoringLagspike[HL] is no longer an idle chum--
[HL]:hey what's sgrub?

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>Sepius: Complain

You decide to go back on Trollian and type to anyone and everyone.

trulyCunning [TC] began a memo at ??:??

[TC]: <XC

((Gawd, grow a pair. XD))

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--current humoringLagspike[CHL] responded to the memo--
[HL]: calm down---- you pansy<pansy
[HL]: at least-- your lusus--- doesnt-- drop you--- on your head---
[HL]: every-- 30 ---- minutes<minutes
[HL]: so man up---- and do-- whatever you started<started---- this random memo--- to do
[HL]: ?>: o

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[TC]: you'remean!
[TC]: hahajustkiddingyoudohaveapoint.
[TC]: andwhileyesyourlususisviolentIthinkminesucksjustasmuchasyours.
[TC]: anywaysIwasjustfreakingoutbecauseHOLYSHIT
[TC]: GAH!
[TC]: anywayIstartedthisbecauseIwantedtoknowwho'dbemyserver/client.
[TC]: becauseIthinkthat'sSGRUBinthemail.
[TC]: :3

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---Current UniformedPrivateer [uP] has joined memo---

[uP]: Not I....in åddition to not håving a server copy, I coincedently ålso håte your bårely trolliån guts.....
[uP]: ånd I'm ƒår to busy dressing månnequins in uniƒorms to give å shit åbout this gåme right now.......
[uP]: Besides, my lusus is giving me å victoriånly intoned, ånd thoroughly lovely lecture on missing clåssess.....
[uP]: ......so yeåh.....

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[TC]: yeah...
[TC]: Iwassortahopingyouwouldn'twantto...
[TC]: Iwanttoenjoythisgameandfrankly
[TC]: Idon'twanttoconstantlyhavetohearabouthowmuchyouhateme
[TC]: orhowawfulIam...
[TC]: orwhatever...
[TC]: becausegamesareforfunright?
[TC]: <Chummy
[TC]: pleasedon'tbeoffended...

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[TC]: um...
[TC]: goodforyou...?
[TC]: sorryIoffendedyou...
[TC]: butIreallydon'tknowhowtorespondtothat.
[TC]: :/

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[TC]: umm....
[TC]: Ican'thelpit...?
[TC]: notmyfault...?

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[uP]: Shut up you måke me ångry....!!!!!!!!..........

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[TC - monotemporal boardless memo]
--CURRENT silentOroboros [CSO] responded to monotemporal memo--
[sO]: uh
[sO]: hey... calm d@wn guy22! &:0
[sO]: ...
[sO]: wait 2ep h@w'd y@u even d@ thi22
[sO]: there'22 a mem@ @pti@n?
[sO]: ...m@n@temp@ral?
[sO]: there'22 22@mething be22ide22 that?

You check back on the installation window. It's done, and has consequently popped up what appears to be an archaic command line interface.
The lack of any kind of GUI isn't a great sign for the game you're playing, but whatever. You manage to open a client-connection dialogue.

[sO]: hmm
[sO]: i think that'22 the 22ame game me and @lyxena were g@nna play
[sO]: why d@ y@u a22k... d@ y@u have it n@w t@@?

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[uP]: Hey, Cålyps, I need a server plåyer, not thåt you don't ålreådy know, and it would serve ås å wonderful ånd lovely distråction from my current ståte of ånger.....
[uP]: would you so kind ås to host for me.....?.....

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---Current cleansingOperator has responded to memo---

[CCO]: Okay,*first*of*all,*you*need*to*stop*flirting*with*each*other.
[CCO]: Really,*you*need*to*save*your*issues*with*each*other*for*private*correspondence.
[CCO]: Sepius*don't*be*distressed*by*the*lightening,*okay?*It*can't*hurt*you*(I*think).
[CCO]: Sadly,*I*don't*I'll*be*able*to*be*your*server*either.*I*don't*have*my*copy*yet.
[CCO]: Please*don't*kill*each*other*or*anything*while*I'm*away.

---Current cleansingOperator has left the memo---

You sigh in frustration. You care for your friends, but sometimes they are just ridiculous.

What's the point of all this romance nonsense? You all have more important things to attend to.

You would introduce yourself, but you are too busy checking in on everyone at the moment! You need to make sure that there's order before you do anything!

So, you contact your more sensible friend.

- cleansingOperator [CO] began trolling silentOroboros [SO] -

[CO]: Hello?
[CO]: So,*how's*progress?

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>>pester CO

It looks as though yet another one of your chums is on. Perhaps talking to them will call you down

-UniformedPrivateer [uP] has begun pestering CleansingOperator [cO]-

[uP]: Hello....!...
[uP]: Long time no ch åt....It's lovely to see you båck online.....!!.....

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[TC - monotemporal boardless memo]
[sO]: you 22aid it cat!
[sO]: i think.
[sO]: you can d@ it 22ep
[sO]: i 22h@uld g@ th@ugh

--CURRENT silentOroboros [CSO] stopped responding to monotemporal memo--

[sO]: pr@gre2222?
[sO]: everything i22 g@ing 22wimmingly cat
[sO]: @lyx already in22talled her client
[sO]: y@u excited f@r the big game?

[cO]: Well,*I*am*looking*forward*to*getting*started.
[cO]: But*I'm*not*exactly*looking*forward*to*the*world*ending.

[sO]: @@h yeah...
[sO]: that'22 n@t g@ing to be very fun &:0
[sO]: but it'22 f@r 22@me kind @f greater g@@d, right?

[cO]: Of*course.*Still,*the*idea*of*everything*we*know*just*ENDING*sort*of...puts*me*off.
[cO]: But*nevermind*that.*Olyx*has*installed*it,*you*say?

[sO]: yep, and i'm bu22ying my22elf with c@nnecti@n pr@cedure22 a22 we 22peak! &;D
[sO]: under @ther circum22tance22 i might menti@n that n@w'22 the time t@ g@ back if we wanted t@
[sO]: but i think y@u menti@ned prede22tinati@n at 22@me p@int?

[cO]: Yes,*of*course.*If*we*weren't*doing*this,*I*suppose*we'd*all*be*dooomed*anyways.
[cO]: Better*to*keep*each*other*alive*even*if*we're*technically*assisting*the*apocalypse,*right?
[cO]: Still...I*hate*that*there's*nothing*we*can*really*DO*about*it.
[cO]: It's*frustrating,*knowing*that*something*will*happen*and*not*being*able*to*fix*it*somehow.

[sO]: yeah... &:/
[sO]: i preferred it when we had an illu22i@n @f free will
[sO]: at lea22t we can pre22erve 22@me part @f @ur culture by playing it

[cO]: Speaking*of*preserving*our*culture...
[cO]: I*came*to*check*to*see*if*you*were*taking*the*necessary*actions*to*do*so.
[cO]: Have*you*started*yet?

[sO]: yup! i wa22 ju22t ab@ut t@ 22tart @lyx'22 j@urney int@ the medium
[sO]: i 22h@uld pr@bably get back t@ that &:0

[cO]: That*sounds*like*a*good*idea,*Calyps.
-- cleansingOperator [CO] ceased trolling silentOroboros [SO] --
((IMs FTW))

[sO]: n@ tr@uble at all!
[sO]: i ju22t fini22hed in22talling a 22ec@nd ag@
[sO]: i'll c@nnect t@ y@u... give me a m@ment

After a few seconds, you are successful in locating Olyxena's alt-net signature. You input all the related settings into the text field provided and hit ENTER.

[sO]: there we g@
[sO]: n@w try it!

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@ [SO]

[uP]: The manual says there should be stuff to put down....
[uP]: that's about all it says, really......

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