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AndRew - Requi2itioned Roleplay Repo2t - Once more, with... oh whatever let2 ju2t go.

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[uP]: Every dåy.....
[uP]: ånd it doesn't work.......so no.......not ånymore.....I'm writing down å liƒe mission here......I will succeed in måking you håte me......
[uP]: somehow.....
[uP]: ånd on the record, you åre the only one oƒ my 僃liåtes who provokes this ƒeeling......
[uP]: Becåuse of your åbominåble stupidity......

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[tC]: I'mstupid?
[tC]: ohno!
[tC]: I'lltrytofixthatasapok?
[tC]: ;P

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[uP]: go åwåy........Sad

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[tC]: ...
[tC]: Sad

trulyCunning [tC]
has ceased pestering uniformedPrivateer at ??:??

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This young troll sits patiently in front of his terminal. Waiting for something important to compile, maybe, or maybe just waiting for something to happen. Maybe he's not even a great programmer. He's probably not even really that mysterious. He's just a little bored. Because computers never leave anything to the imagination. They're too… predictable.


Wait, maybe we should save some of that for after he's been named. Um…

> Enter name.
Your name is SPECTACLED SUGARTOOTH. As was previously mentio-
Yeah, that's not right at all.

>Try again.
Your name is CALYPS APEIRO. As was previously mentioned, you aren't really that mysterious. It's fun to pretend, though.

You are the proud owner of an ENORMOUS SUPERCOMPUTER THING, which you... uh, well you can't figure out how to work it that well. It's worked for whatever mundane tasks you've needed it for, though. Your main hobby is trying to understand your PEERS and PREDICT WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO DO, which is KIND OF STRANGE when you put it that way. You probably take after your LUSUS in this respect - as they taught you about PATTERNS and CYCLES. Of which you encounter many.

You also have a confusingly large amassment of various ALTERNIAN CONFECTIONS, which are stored on the THIRD FLOOR of your hive. You make a point of staying away from there unless absolutely necessary. Avalanches are common, and expected.

You've recently come into possession of a NEW GAME, but you already lost one of the disks to the horrors of THE THIRD FLOOR. You'll go look for it later, when you've COMPLETELY GIVEN UP ANY SEMBLANCE OF SANITY OR SELF-PRESERVATION. You're planning to play said game with your PEERS, which you think you've mentioned at some point. You speak to them through a chat client called TROLLIAN, which is actually very new and cutting edge. You're still poking around for extra features. Your trolltag is silentOroboros, and you 22peak 22@ftly and with a 22erpentine 22@rt @f hi2222

And you still have no idea if anything will happen if you wait long enough.

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trulyCunning [tC] began pestering silentOroboros [sO] at ??:??

[tC]: heybrowassup?
[tC]: triedtalkin'toUPagain.....

((Sorry, this is pretty much whut I'm gonna be doin' for now until it's time for my intro...))

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(( alright :P! ))

Well, looks like you can safely chalk up another point for waiting for stuff to happen.

[sO]: h@w'd it g@
[sO]: any better than la22t time?

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[tC]: <:/
[tC]: no...
[tC]: whydopeoplehateme?
[tC]: Igoouttamywayjusttobenice!
[tC]: ...
[tC]: youdon'thatemedoyou?

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>Olyxna: Contemplate preceding conversation in a manner most melodramatic

Sweet Troll Jegus, why do you humor Him? It only serves to make you angry. You would attempt to commiserate with your dear Lusus on the whole matter, but at present, you are hiding from her and her hideous 'Boardingschooling'

That was kind of your fault really. You were the one who expressed interest in boarding schools. Your Lusus was really only trying to help. The lessons, the Mannequin classmates, the school uniform.....all to help you in your endeavor to have a true Victorian education.....alas, you had not guessed how tedious it would be.

Perhaps Trolling an ally would help assuage the bitterness....

uniformedPrivateer [uP] began pestering silentOroboros [sO] at ??:??

[uP]:Erg, Cålyps, you must help....!...
[uP]: Whåt tåctics would you suggest in åchieving requited Kismesis with å certåin åmbivalent idiot....?.....

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[sO]: ...
[sO]: n@, @f c@ur22e n@t
[sO]: y@u're n@t a22 crazy a22 every@ne el2e i22
[sO]: and y@u're fun t@ talk t@

[sO]: hey wait a 22ec@nd
[sO]: y@u d@n't mean...

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>Stay right where you are, you silly ball of fluff

You decide to skip all the hassle of letting some UNKNOWN FORCE guess your name, and simply accept the fact that your name is SEPIUS LERIK. You've been typing with your friends on TROLLIAN without even introducing yourself! How rude!

>Feel sorry fo some unexplored reason

You feel some UNKNOWN FORCE judge you harshly, making you feel immediately guilty.

>Continue socializing

[tC]: PHEW!
[tC]: Iwashonestlyworriedthereforasecond...
[tC]: butdoyouthinkshewilleverstophatingme?
[tC]: ever?

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[uP]: .....
[uP]: ...yes....?...

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[sO]: 22he i22 really 22et @n that ki22me22i22 thing
[sO]: but i kn@w y@u
[sO]: and i w@uld wager y@u can't hate her back
[sO]: c@me t@ think @f it
[sO]: ...i d@n't really 22ee what rea22@n 22he'd find t@ hate y@u in the fir22t place

You habitually withdraw an ALTERNIAN MINT from your sylladex for your consumption.
[--] [--] [--] [--] [#AM#] >[AM] [TG]

[sO]: 22epiu22, right?
[sO]: &:p
[sO]: it'22 a n@ble cau22e
[sO]: but even i can't begin t@ gue2222 at whatever it i22 y@u'd need t@ d@ t@ up22et him en@ugh to trigger 22uch a relati@n22hip
[sO]: alth@ugh i am n@t really an auth@rity on blackr@m anyway

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[uP]: *sigh*...
[uP]: Why does it håve to be him.....?...
[uP]: I'm never reålly måd åt the rest of you...only him....måybe it's becåuse he's never måd....How cån trolls live like thåt...?....
[uP]: err, enough ångsting over unrequitåble blåckrom måtters thåt will probåbly end up being inconsequentiål ånyway....
[uP]: I've come åcross å gåme....but I need to find å 'server plåyer' to connect with....seen åny åround Chummy....?...

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[sO]: that'22 a far ea22ier que22ti@n
[sO]: i happen t@ be in p@2222e2222i@n @f a 22erver editi@n @f a 'game'
[sO]: chance22 are we are talking ab@ut the 22ame game here
[sO]: kn@wing @ur luck

Your server grubdisk is right where you left it. On your desk, directly in your line of sight.

If you were particularly inclined towards sarcasm, this would be a good moment to declare how relieved this makes you feel.

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[uP]: Indeed....
[uP]: Umm...såy...if you could perhaps put in a båd word with Sepius for me...
[uP]: just ås å fåvor.....
[uP}: årg, I keep being ridiculous, don't I....umm, perhåps we should see if the others recieved this gåme...

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((Grrrrr it didn't send!!!))

>Stop fooling around and introduce yourself, you ridiculous ball of fluff!

You decide to skip the RIDICULOUS PROCESS of some UNKNOWN FORCE guessing your name. You accept the fact that your name is SEPIUS LERIK and leave it at that. I can't believe you socialized with your friends on TROLLIAN before introducing yourself to the UNKNOWN FORCE. How rude.

>Feel guilty

You feel judgement from some UNKNOWN FORCE and immediately feel sorry. You begin to apologize to nothing in particular.


[tC]: Idon'tgetiteither...
[tC]: Igooutofmywaytobenice...
[tC]: andIalreadyrecievehatredfromanotherfriendonadaytodaybasis...
[tC]: ...ohwell.
[tC]: what'supwithyoubro?
[tC]: Wink

((I may or may not introduce his other hate-friend...))

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>name please

listen ominous voice, we've known eachother for a while now so lets get a little serious hm?


AND YOU KNOW---------------------- WHAT<WHAT?! I JUST------------------ WANT TO SAY-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *WHACK* *THUD*

> wakeup

no--- okay fine, you wake up, again in one of your MANY ARCHIVES. you rub your neck and look at the "pillow" you were laying on well at least it gave you the thought of a good nights sleep.

>look around

you're in the KIDSBOOK KART in your LOCOMOTHIVE, there are many KIDS BOOKS.

>tell us a little about yourself

sure, you collect BOOKS all of them, MAP MAKING is a fun HOBBY of yours, even though reading is a FINE ART, you try to divulge into the ART OF THE ELECTRONIC MOTIVE,on your laptop. you have FRIENDS but they're a little DRAMATIC, you enjoy THE INTERWEBS and they are one of your FAVORITE PASS TIMES, along with TROLLING which is a given for your race. now enough of this stalker info lets get out of this childish train cabin

>go to your loft

you do accordingly, jegus this is a mess, you really need to clean up all these novels this is freaking ridiculous. Whatever let's chat up some amigos

--humoringLagspike[HL] started trolling SilentOroboros[SO]--
[HL]: one fish -- two fish - I see--- shit
[HL]: sorry--- slept off on--- some--- doctor.. ----- seuss < seuss
[HL] how's -life < life < life ---- life?

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googlingTelepath wrote:>Stay right where you are, you silly ball of fluff

You decide to skip all the hassle of letting some UNKNOWN FORCE guess your name, and simply accept the fact that your name is SEPIUS LERIK. You've been typing with your friends on TROLLIAN without even introducing yourself! How rude!

>Feel sorry fo some unexplored reason

You feel some UNKNOWN FORCE judge you harshly, making you feel immediately guilty.

>Continue socializing

[tC]: PHEW!
[tC]: Iwashonestlyworriedthereforasecond...
[tC]: butdoyouthinkshewilleverstophatingme?
[tC]: ever?
((it 2ent for me))
((wait nvm you meant 2omething el2e probably?))

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>dress up mannequins

Whilst you wait for a reply, you might as well outfit these mannequins with these new uniforms you received. You do not know who sends these, or for what purpose, but you love them all the same.

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> ==>
You decide to go outside while you're waiting to talk tp LOLINA. She's always been so nice to you.

> ==>
You finally reach your beloved LOLINA. She's always been so gorgeous to you. Her elegant curves, her luscious color, and the way her branches swayed in the breeze always mesmirized you.

> ==>
After communicating with LOLINA you remember about a GAME your friends mentioned. You thought you were going to get it today in the MAIL but your LUSUS hasn't informed you of any PACKAGES. You begin to worry.

> ==>
Back inside, you decide to pace while waiting for your SUPPOSED COMRADES to socialize with you.

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[sO]: n@t much &;p
[sO]: every@ne22 22uddenly talking t@ me th@ugh
[sO]: &:0
[sO]: 22ay, ha22 that new game c@me yet
[sO]: i think @lyx wanted me t@ a22k pe@ple @r 22@mething

[sO]: @h hell@ there my b@@k22mart pupa pal
[sO]: g@@d t@ hear y@u are 22till keeping up with the cla2222ic22
[sO]: tr@ll d@ct@r 22eu2222 i22 a literary ma22ter indeed

[sO]: i'll make a p@int @f checking with them
[sO]: and maybe i'll g@ ahead and in22tall thi22 thing while i d@ that

> Install thing into computer thing
You do that. The game begins copying itself onto your colossal hard drive.

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[uP]: Lovely.....!....
[uP]: I should stårt my copy instålling ålso......
[uP]: Finålly, something to do thåt dosen't involve leårning....

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> Overly enthusiastically answer friend to escape the loneliness

[tC]: believeitornotIhaven'tgottenthegameyet!
[tC]: itwassupposedtoarrivetoday!
[tC]: andI'msorrythatnothin'muchisgoin'on...
[tC]: ANDIdon'tthinkOlyxwantsmetobeoneoftheplayers...
[tC]: butIwon'tletthatstopme.
[tC]: ;P
[tC]: ohandpeoplearetalkingtoyoubecauseyou'relikethemostmellowpersonoutthere
[tC]: amongstthepsychosatleast.

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