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AndRew - Requi2itioned Roleplay Repo2t - Once more, with... oh whatever let2 ju2t go.

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VT as SO
D8 as UN
AC as HL
GT as TC
JR as CO
(a multiple of 4?)

Name: 4-6 chars
Specibus: What do you use to fight?
Modus: If it's a new one, what's it do?
Interests and Details:
Hive: Describe it here
Description or Picture:
Shirt Character: ie @ or something
Horns: Describe them here
Lusus: Describe it here
Quirk: how does you type?
Planet: Land of Stuff and More Stuff (LOSAMS)
Hero Title: Hero of Titles
Special Abilities: What sets your troll apart from others? Examples: AT's animal communion, GA's Mother Grub Lusus, AA's being DEAD, TA's programming skill, CC's being a princess and a seadweller... etc.
Per2onality/E%tra: Yup, e%actly what it 2ay2 on the tin

We 2tart out with all of u2 at a beggining level - with each of u2 de2ignated a beta 2tatu2 or maybe we ju2t work that out.
Pa2t relation2hip2 are continuity once 2tated a2 long a2 you are both okay with it
and we'll work out the 2erverchain2, team2 etc a2 the thing run2 via conver2ation2 with one another.
2aid conver2ation2 might have an IRC or de2ignated 2ubthread to conden2e them here. Whatever'2 mo2t convenient for tho2e concerned.

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Name: Olyxna Lokiss AKA UniformedPrivateer
Blood:a lovely deep purple....
Specibus: Origami-kind
Modus: trivia-an obscure question with similar subject matter to the item being obtained is asked of the obtainer. Answer the question right, get the item.

Interests and Details: Pirates and Nautical paraphenalia, Plucky orphans and street urchins,and Plucky orphan pirate street urchins with nautical paraphenalia. Also has a fondness for Boarding schools, uniforms of all types, effigies and mannequins. Her house is full of mannequins in uniform. The effect is quite disconcerting.......

Hive: The left half is a beautiful colonial era pirate ship. The right half is a lovely gothic style boarding school......

Description or Picture:TBA

Shirt Character: A lovely Ω.....
Horns: Two lovely twisty shapes akin to smoke from a chimney....
Lusus: A hideous Uniformed skeleton.
Quirk: with å wistƒul åir, with comås åplenty, never reålly ƒinishing the sentence....
Planet: Land of Contraband and Military (LOCAM)
Hero Title: Champion of obscurity
Special Abilities: Olyxna never really touches the ground....she floats. Sometimes she flies.
Per2onality/E%tra: a little bit of a cloudcuckoolander, but she's got a better grip on reality than she let's on.

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Name: Baxxle Pin-gaugh(humoringLagspike)
Blood:This one
Specibus: Staff Kind
Modus: Tome modus (encrypts it into a illuminated text like this in which he has to figure out what the fuck it is to know what hes getting)
Interests and Details: has a tendancy to route his hive, and create maps, loves collecting NOVELS OF GREAT QUALITY he's literate... when he wants to be
Hive: a steam train knocked off track added onto with lofts and rooms jutting out of it with support columns
Description or Picture:
Shirt Character: Loading bar
Horns: one side is one horn slightly hooked parallel against his face, the other side is two rounded nubs
Lusus: Owl
Quirk: He pauses-- alot and back tracks--< tracks, when he- gets- annnnggryyy hee tallllkssss like---- this
Planet: land of page and Candles (LOPAC)
Hero Title: Critic of History
Special Abilities: can tell where something has been by taste, and texture (note this is not his sight)
Personality/Extra: even though he has the life of a scholar, his computer is his freetime, and he's not the most "regal" character there is, he likes art, but he has little time for it[img][/img]

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Name: Sepius (trulyCunning)
Blood: Peacock Blue
Specibus: table leg
Modus: Pictionary modus. Nothing special.
Interests and Details: he, uh...he's freaking weird. He annoys the crap out of everyone with his indifference. He refuses to love or hate anyone.
Hive: it's pretty much just a hollowed out mountaintop with a bunch of fancy rooms.
Description or Picture: black, short messy hair. A dark grey scar across the right eye, and red stripes painted down his eyes. His black shirt is tattered, with a dark blue shirt beneath, and dark grey pants.
Shirt Character: jus' the cancer sign! 69 Chummy
Horns: practically straight up, and pretty long. Like Gamzee's w/o the curve.
Lusus: like a giant cave rodent or something.
Quirk: Idon'treallytypeinanyspecialwayIt'sactuallysortofboring...
Planet: Land of Sticks and Stones
Hero Title: Sage of Earth
Special Abilities: He can talk to plants. Not very useful, but, still, it's something.
Per2onality/E%tra: WelleventhoughIannoysomeguysItendtobeaprettygoodandlogicalpeacemaker.
(Does this work? I haven't done this in a while...)

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Oops...did I do it wrong? .o-o.

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(Sorry everyone Jilly is tired)

Name: Catena Pholus
Blood: Red
Specibus: broomKind
Modus: Toilet paper roll (sometimes it's frustrating to use when what she needs isn't on the last "sheet", though)
Interests and Details: She loves watching the stars, and has taken an interest in astronomy. She's extremely tidy, to the point of being considered a bit of a neat freak. She cares more about people than she lets on, though she can be a little hot-headed on occassion.
Hive: An abandoned observatory
Description or Picture:
Shirt Character: *
Horns: They're kind of bent.
Lusus: A very bossy pixie.
Quirk: You*speak*in*a*very*light*voice*and*take*crisp*pauses*between*words.
Planet: Land of Light and Stars (LOLAS)
Hero Title: Maid of Heart
Special Abilities: Psychic - She can "enter" inanimate objects, and does so often with a rag doll she cherished as a child.

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googlingTelepath wrote:Oops...did I do it wrong? .o-o.
Nothing 2tick2 out immediately
It look2 like it i2 fine in term2 of what you put down for each field
although you might want to add a la2t name?
and the cancer 2ymbol 2eem2 a little bit off [CG] but I don't really 2ee anything wrong with it given the other thing2 people have on their 2hirt2 and the near lack of rule2 here in the fir2t place 2o it2 fine i think

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googlingTelepath wrote:OhsnapIforgotalastname...
Chat log2 would play a role definitely, con2idering that'2 the only way our character2 would interact 2ocially for the mo2t part - 2o ye2
I'm rea2onably 2ure we'd mi% it in with normal 2tyle RP though. (a2 in if no one would prefer it differently?) for the game and all that 2tuff
Gonna po2t my form here in a little bit...

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Name: Calyp2 Apeiro
Blood: Yellow/Yellow-Green
Specibus: di2kKind (a2 in chakram2 and fri2bee2)
Modus: Cycle [upon captchaloguing or removing an item the modu2 wheel tick2 forward to the ne%t card, making that one acce22ible]
Interests and Details: Cycle2, endle22ne22, predicting the action2 of other2, and he eat2 the troll equivalent2 of candy to keep him2elf calm whenever thing2 go badly. He ha2 an intere2t in troll relation2hip2 and their working2 becau2e it'2 integral to gue22ing how troll2 will act around eachother.
Hive: A 5 floor tower with a large electronic 2torage drive/2upercomputer in the ba2ement, a trio of 2upport beam2 and an elevator.
Description or Picture:
Yellow gla22e2, 2lightly me22y neck-length black hair which doe2n't ob2truct hi2 view much, black long2leeved 2hirt with a yellow @ corre2ponding to hi2 blood color, black loo2e pant2 with white 2tripe2 around the ankle2, and black/yellow 2triped 2hoe2.
Shirt Character: @
Horns: Tight inward 2piral
Lusus: 2erpent / Ouroboros
Quirk: @ = O, lowerca2e, 22 = s
Planet: Land of Chrome and Twilight (LOCAT)
Hero Title: Seer of Time (unle22 2omeone el2e really really want2 time a2 it'2 quite a contended job)
Special Abilities: P2ychic speed, intuition and a knack for pattern2/repetition
Per2onality/E%tra: He trie2 to get to know people objectively; 2o he doe2n't think a whole lot about hemo2pectral 2tereotype2 and the like - thi2 all to benefit hi2 focu2 on for2eeing interper2onal relation2 and 2o on.

I think that'2 everything?

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Cån we stårt soon?!!!!

I think we håve enough people, (ånd others should be eåsy to introduce låter.....).......


(lol, Olyxnå's typing påttern is reålly hård to shåke....)

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Tho2e with copie2 of 2burb/2grub/etc are a2 follow2 -

Calyp2 A. - 2erver
Baxxle P. - 2erver
Olyxena L. - client
Catena P. - none
Sepius L. - none

Any copie2 you lack at pre2ent will have to be found at 2ome point, a2 you have/will get them 2omewhere/2ometime.

The re2ult2 were of cour2e procured fairly u2ing a random number generator (u2ing atmo2pheric noi2e and 2tuff like that, 2o it'2 better for being fair than a normal one). Hooray! Tho2e with nothing to do 2hould occupy them2elve2 2omehow until they do. Toy with 2yllade%e2, fight Lu2ii, engage in B-Plot 2henanigan2, talk to your buddie2 who are playing the GAME OF DOOM, etc. Yeah![!x7]

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(Okai! Here goes....)

A young troll stands in her respiteblock. Today is not the anniversary of her wriggling day, but it is close enough for our purposes. Today, this troll recieves a name!

What will that name be?

>Enter name

S...N...O...T...N...O..S..E C...L..U...B...F...O....O..T

>Try again

O...L...Y...X...N...A L...O...K...I..S...S

> Examine room

Your name Is OLYXNA LOKISS, and you are currently hiding from your lusus. Your respiteblock is currently filled with LITERATURE CONTAINING SUFFERING ORPHANS, UNIFORMED MANNEQUINS, and PIRATE AND NAUTICAL PARAPHENALIA. It is currently your ambition to join the seafaring and highly criminal order of the AQUABRIGANDEERS. Your ORIGAMI SKILLS are worth bragging about, as is your INABILITY TO STOP FLOATING.

Your trolltag is uniformedPrivateer and you speak In å Wistƒul månner, often in run on sentences, ånd without truly ƒinishing your ståtements..........

You have recently recieved a client copy of a game, but you'll apparently need someone to be your server in order to actually play it. Perhaps you should Go talk to one of your friends......

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(*has no idea what she's doing* umm.....do I introduce Sepius now? Or...what?)

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((if you wish to....))

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((Oh! Better idea!! Unknown troll troller!))

trulyCunning [tC]began pestering uniformedPrivateer [uP] at ??:??

[tC]: hellothereIhaven'ttalkedtoyouinawhile.
[tC]: howareyou?
[tC]: andpleaseanswerthistime...

((Is that ok, love?))

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[up]: Is thåt enough of ån ånswer........?
[uP]: You know why I don't wånt to tålk to you, ever ågåin, you know ånd you still try to tålk to me.....
[uP]: ...........

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[tC]: <Sad
[tC]: jegus...
[tC]: istheresomethingwrongwithmethatmakesyouhatemesomuch?
[tC]: I'monlytryingtobenice...
[tC]: andfriendly....
[tC]: likefriendsare....

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[uP]: You åre the most måligned, ugly, ånd quite ƒrånkly , HIDEåOUS creåture to ever wålk out of ålterniå's murky wåstes...
[uP]: Thåt's whåt......
[uP]: Your rejection....it stings......
[up}: ånd you will never be forgiven for it.....
[uP]: You Båstård.....

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[tC]: Olyxna...
[tC]: comeon...
[tC]: don'tyouthinkwe'dmakegreatmoirails...?
[tC]: C:>

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[uP]: Why do I even bother......?......
[uP]: You åre ålwåys offering Moråility to me, thinking thåt måybe I cån, in ƒåct, help the deeply åntågonistic ƒeelings I håve towards you....
[uP]: Sorry.....Thåt reålly cån't be done, would you believe.......

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[tC]: :C
[tC]: sorryOlyxna...
[tC]: ifIcouldhateyouIwouldbut...
[tC]: Ijustdon'thate!
[tC]: ...
[tC]: couldyouTRYtonothateme...?

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