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AndRew - Requi2itioned Roleplay Repo2t - Once more, with... oh whatever let2 ju2t go.

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((whoops, mah bad, lemme correct that...))

>> stop daydreaming

What an odd daydream. It felt almost like.....foreshadowing. Very time wasting foreshadowing.

>> Deal with alchemiter/totem lathe / pre-punched card/ cruxite dowel.

Prepunched card goes in slot thingy in totem lathe, curxite presumably goes in lathe, blah blah blah. You have an owverwheling sense of deja vu.

>>reply to chums.

Right. Let's do that.


[uP]:........I ƒelt like I'd lost å lot of progress, like I wås ƒinally åll ålone....
[uP]: But I wåsn't, not reålly.....
[uP]:I måy håve been såd, but I reålized I still Håd you, and Cålyps, ånd å storng one-sided kismetic bond with Sepius.....
[uP]: then I ƒelt like måybe ƒor once you guys might tåke me seiriously, cåuse I ƒelt more grown up.......

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[sO]: hahahaha @k
[sO]: @._.@

[sO]: &:0
[sO]: d@n't w@rry ab@ut that, i think ill be able t@ 22et 22@mething up?
[sO]: and i'm n@t bu22y @r anything...
[sO]: ...what22 up?

[sO]: yeah i gue2222 it will?
[sO]: i mean thi22 i22 THE GAME, 22@ yeah
[sO]: it i22 definitely g@ing t@ be intere22ting :0

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[TC]: good'cuzI'vebeenreallyboredlately.
[TC]: ._.
[TC]: IneedadistractionfromtheconstanthateIrecieve...
[TC]: everyday...

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[HL]: Cmon--- mister- all knowing<knowing
[HL]: isnt- it-- obvious...


[HL]: oh----
[HL]: you finally-- stopped-- believing- in her?
[HL]: rough..
[HL]: it-- was-- destined to<to - happen- right?
[HL]: I- wouldn't-- ask-- me-<me
[HL]: all- ive-- done- is -- drop a bunch
[HL]: --of buildings<buildings into- sepius'hive
[HL]: I'd ask--- mr @ boy..


[HL]:--- have- you- made--<made
[HL]: anything- yet?
[HL]: hello?

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[TC]: ohI'msupposedtomakestuff?
[TC]: ohIdidnotknowthat.
[TC]: uuuuuuuhhh....
[TC]: howthehelldoIdothat?

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[HL]: sure-- that--- thing with the hatch
[HL]:-- it had<had stuff-- in it-- press
[HL]:---some-- buttons-- pull some levers!
[HL]: you<you -- know- what- that-- is??

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[TC]: heyIcanhavefun!
[TC]: >8C


You decide to tamper and mess with this...thing...
Oh hey, look! Something....weird...

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[HL]: what--- is<is -- that??

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> Pl4y wi7h i7!

You decide 7o pl4y wi7h i7 7o find ou7 jus7 wh47 7he heck i7 is.
...i7's glowing...

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[HL]: ooooh- that--- thing--
[HL]: here---

you drag the dead carcass of Sepius' dead lusus into the "glowy thing"

[HL]: well-- there--- we-- go<go

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> Wh47 7he hell did he jus7 do?


[TC]: whatthehelldidyoujustdo?

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[HL]: I-- Brought-- your- lusus- back<back
[HL]: to- life nump nuts
[HL]: you-re welcome...

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HUG 4774CK!



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[sO]: what
[sO]: yeah i gue2222
[sO]: kind @f 22udden &:0

[sO]: &:(
[sO]: 22peaking @f which
[sO]: h@w22 playing with baxxle g@ing?

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[TC]: can'tsayIknowwhattothinkaboutit...
[TC]: hekilledmylusus...
[TC]: butthenhebroughtitback...
[TC]: ohareyoureadytohookupwithme?
[TC]: ...
[TC]: thegameImean.
[TC]: likeareyoureadyformetoserveyou?
[TC]: Imeanareyoureadyfor-
[TC]: ohgoddammityouknowwhatImean.

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[sO]: ...um
[sO]: y@u mean a22 in play the game a22 my 22erver, right?
[sO]: then yeah, i 22h@uld be
[sO]: and he br@ught it back, that'22 g@@d
[sO]: then y@u guy22 are d@ing @k

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[TC]: okgood.
[TC]: andIguessit'sgoodaboutthelususandtheyeah...
[TC]: butit'sbeenalotmoredemandingthanusual...
[TC]: :/

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> Catena: Wake up from nap.

You wake up from your nap. How did you fall asleep, anyways? All you remember is...your lusus, and...calling all your friends in a panic...

You look through the messages your friends sent you while you were asleep. You shake your head and rub the sleep out of your eyes. You need to FOCUS.

You immediately begin trolling your friend who you like caring for the most.

--- cleansingOperator [CO] began trolling uniformedPrivateer [UP] ---

]CO]: Urgh, * I've * wasted * so * much * time.
[CO]: Sorry * if * I've * held * anything * up, * I'm * ready * to * get * down * to * business.
((TO DEFEAT THE HUNS hahahaha Jillzy stop butting in))
[CO]: Now, * I * don't * have * a * copy * of * the * game * myself, * and * I * think * there's * only * a * little * more * time * left * for * all * of * us.
[CO]: Are * you * still * free * to * server * me? * Or * am * I * too * late * and * basically * doomed?
[CO]: Although...it * would * make * no * sense * for * any * of * us * to * be * doomed, * right? * We * all * have * to * live * through * this, * I * think...
[CO]: I'm * spending * too * much * time * with * you. * Look * at * me, * going * off-topic.
[CO]: Do * you * still * need * a * client * player? * Because * I * still * need * a * server * player.
[CO]: And * I * also * need * a * copy. * If * there's * ANY * way * you * can * send * me * one, * please * do * so * as * soon * as * possible.

> Catena: Begin panicking again.

You begin panicking again. Internally, at least. But you continue to appear cool and mysterious as always.

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>>Reply to Catena

Right. that.


[uP]: Don't worry Cåt...I'll be åble to sever you....If I cån ƒind my server copy....
[uP]:Perhåps your copy is still in the måil....?....It certåinly wouldn't hurt to check......

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[CO]: I * don't * know. I * ordered * it, * right?
[CO]: Of * course * I * did. * Why * am * I * questioning * this?
[CO]: ...I * just * don't * know...

You cease trolling Olyxna, and go to attend to your dead fairy lusus.

There she is, on the floor below her little treehole place, no longer glowing obnoxiously as she once did. You pick her up, and carry her back into her spot. Here is her final resting place.

You think you see something beyond her leafy bed. You reach out, and...

It's your copy of the game. And attached is a letter.

My Dearest Catena,

First of all, yes, I can read and write and other things. What, all you thought I could do was tinkle at you in a bossy voice?

Secondly, stop moping over me, you crybaby! I knew I was going to die, and so did you! But you'll see me again, anyways. You're going to have to, since you'll be prototyping me into this game!

Yep, I know all about your little gaming shenanigans with your friends. And I will hopefully know more about it once I'm kind-of alive again!

Anyways, play with your friends, take care of them, keep your hive clean (as much as you can while doing all the things you'll be doing), and don't stress out! Seriously, you're SO STRESSED. You have ALL THE STRESS. ALL OF IT.

I love you Catena, I always have, even when I was a fairy and still alive! Take care, and never give up!

- Estrella

You smile past a few tears. Maybe things will turn out alright after all.

> Continue trolling Olyx

[CO]: Sorry, * I'm * back.
[CO]: I've * got * it!

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