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AndRew - Requi2itioned Roleplay Repo2t - Once more, with... oh whatever let2 ju2t go.

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[HL]: oh okay---- cool--- just--- gonna<gonna
[HL]: lick--- some-- shit- find out where---- <where it-- was

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-trulyCunning[TC] is an idle chum-

[HL]: that-- was-- a joke<joke
[HL]: you----- know..
[HL]: ummm...<...



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(( -- yourFace [YF] has become an idle chum -- >80 ))

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((-greatestInkoridai [GI] has become and idle chum- >>:O>))

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(( i'm waiting on everyone el2e i think - UP i2 me22ing with machine2 and CO might tell 2O 2omething to tell UP, TC i2 a2leep, and HL i2n't talking to 2O ))

((player chain: 2O > UP, pre2umably HL > TC))

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> Wake up you grub!

You do so, ungracefully crawling out of your recupericoon.



[TC]: sorrytakinanap...
[TC]: ohheythegame'sdoneinstalling!
[TC]: stillkindaburnedhere...
[TC]: ohwellWOOT!


[TC]: heyyeahitdidn'tworkentirely...
[TC]: ithelpedbut...
[TC]: ehwellthanksforthesuggestion.
[TC]: thegame'sdoneinstalling!
[TC]: Chummy

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>>Mess with cruxtruder

You give the wheel another spin. A purple column-y thing pops out.

>>Mess with punch card designix

After captchalouging your myriad variety of items, you head over to that particular apperatus. After a short period of trial and error, you manage to make punch cards of all your captchalouged items. Time to move on to the totem Lathe....

>>Move on to the the totem lathe

You, after another short period of trial and error, make a cruxite dowel for spare origami paper.

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[HL]: cool-----
[HL]: I believe-- this-- is<is
[HL]: you-- on--line
[HL]:and... there-- connecting<connecting
[HL]: wow--- ur-- pretty--- fucked<fucked up...
[HL]: ?:o
[HL]: I-- wonder-- what-- this is<is

you click on what looks like a tube with a wheel, okay whateves you place it... hm that corner looks aproprate

[HL]: hey--- look-- at--- that<that new--- peice-- of shit--- in your--- hive<hive

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> Examine new piece of shit

You do so.


[TC]: uhhwhatthehellisthis?
[TC]: canIeatit?
[TC]: seriouslywhattheheckisthis!?


[TC]: dudethere'sthisweirdpieceofshitinmyhive!
[TC]: andIhavenoideawhatitis!
[TC]: D:>

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[sO]: what22 it l@@k like
[sO]: are y@u playing the game?
[sO]: if 22@ - that22 normal i think

((What punch de2igni%? You are certain there never ha2 been a punch de2igni% in your hive. (it co2t2 lyric/myth w/e)))

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[TC]: it'slikeatubewheelthing...
[TC]: andyeahI'mplayingthegame.
[TC]: ;P
[TC]: areyouaserveroraclient?
[TC]: 'cuzIstillneedone~

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[sO]: tube wheel thing... 22@und22 like the cruxtruder
[sO]: y@u 22h@uld try t@ @pen it (get the lid @ff)
[sO]: and then y@u get the kernel22prite and 22@me @ther 22tuff
[sO]: and i'm @nly a 22erver player pre22ently, i have n@ @ne 22ervering me
[sO]: and i will have t@ g@ find my client di22k
[sO]: are y@u @ffering t@ fill that 22p@t?

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[TC]: hellyeahIam!
[TC]: ;P
[TC]: thatisifthat'sokwithyou...
[TC]: (thanksforthehelpBTW)

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[sO]: @@k
[sO]: well y@u're welc@me 22ep.
[sO]: and 22ure i gue2222!
[sO]: ( anyway i d@n't think any@ne el22e ha22 a 22erver c@py they haven't already u22ed &:0 )

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[TC]: don'tworrydudeI'mallyours.
[TC]: ;P
[TC]: you'retheonlypersonI'dwanttoserveanyways.
[TC]: ...
[TC]: wait...
[TC]: ImeanbecauseIthinkyou'retheonlyonethatactuallytoleratesme!
[TC]: a-andthewholepointofplayinggamesistohavefunright!?
[TC]: that'snotwhat-
[TC]: ...yeah.
[TC]: anywaysuh...
[TC]. I'llbeyourserver.

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[HL]: man--- I dont--- know WHAT--
[HL]: this--- is
[HL]: um... dude-- are you---- blushing<blushing??
[HL]: ?:o

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((Ben? I love you. So much right now.))


[TC]: meblushwhatwouldIhavetoblushaboutwhenhaveIeverblushedgawgwhateverevengaveyousuchasillyideaIthinkyou'reparanoidyouaresuchaweirdosometimesImeanhonestlyareyoucrazydoyoutakemedsanddidyouforgettodayImeanseriously!!!!!!!

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[HL]: you--- blushing--- gave-- me the--- idea<idea...


[HL]: bro-- help--- is--- what--- I need<need
[HL]: I'm-- building shit --- all over the place<place
[HL]: like--- a shit-splosion

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[TC]. D:<

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[sO]: i, um
[sO]: ...
[sO]: alright?
[sO]: .....
[sO]: hey, 22peaking @f which
[sO]: i'm g@nna g@ l@@k f@r my client di22k n@w
[sO]: bbl

[sO]: @lyx
[sO]: be back in a few
[sO]: l@@k22 like y@u're @n the right track

[sO]: put everything y@u can aff@rd d@wn
[sO]: pr@t@type the gl@wy thing in the tube with 22ep'22 lu22u22
[sO]: and then turn the thing @n the 22ide?
[sO]: idk
[sO]: be right back

>Calyps: Drown confusion in confectioneries

This looks like a job for the THIRD FLOOR.

(Woop, looks like you gave up on that sanity thing pretty fast.)

Gooooing UP!

>Calyps: Tread lightly

Yeah, you don't need to be told twice. I mean seriously, how many times have you come up here just to get supplies when KFJLDGNHDJBBLUHCANDYEVERYWHEREYOUCANTSEE

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[HL]: sure
[HL]: Calypse --- told-- me things---- un momento

you place the "totem lathe?" whatever that is, next to the i guess cruxtruder? and u open the hatch and this blue glowing spazz ball flips the fuck outta it,now wheres that bossy rat... mouse... thing..


[HL]: that--- made---- sense--
[HL]: not really...
[HL]: ive--- grown--- used- to-- your--
[HL]: whatever the fuck<fuck -- you do
[HL]: and--- crudely translated it

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> Actually do something for a change


[TC]: heywhatshouldIprototypethepopcornkernelthingwith?
[TC]: anddoIneedtodoanythingthatrequiresheavythinking?
[TC]: becauseI'mnottoogoodatthat...
[TC]: especiallyrightnowmythoughtsarejumbledforsomereason...
[TC]: wouldyoulikesomecheeseandcrackers?
[TC]. WoopsImeanttosaythattomylusus...

> Slam your face into your desk


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[HL]: yeah--- actually--- you know your-- rat
[HL]:simple task
[HL]: kill--- it

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[TC]: 8C
[TC]: ...NO!

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[HL]: kay-- cool--- hey
[HL]: thats --- a<a pretty heavy<heavy
[HL]:-- rock--- there, it would-- be a shame<shame
[HL]: if.. I ... just-- WHOOPS MAH BAD

and in tune with his cue the rat is squished
and a sprite is born

[HL]: <3

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