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AndRew - Requi2itioned Roleplay Repo2t - Once more, with... oh whatever let2 ju2t go.

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> Cry like a little girl


> ==>

You eventually give up, crawling on the floor like a small child in the fetal position.

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>Calyps: Ascend.

No, not happening. You are well and truly stuck.

>Calyps: Captchalogue.

Captchalogue what? You're going to have to get more specifi-

>Calyps: Captchalogue everything.

Well, o...k. Not your best plan, but you'll take it you guess.

You start by captcha-ing a whole bunch of FANGSTOPPERS, CHOCOLATE HORNS, CANDY CORN... and other assorted candy. Each grouped into one slot.

[FSx21] [--] [--] [--] [--] [AM] >[TG]

>[CHx17] [FSx21] [--] [--] [--] [AM] [TG]

[CCx102] >[CHx17] [FSx21] [--] [--] [AM] [TG]

[TGx36] [CCx102] >[CHx17] [FSx21] [--] [AM] [TG]

[AMx28] [TGx36] [CCx102] >[CHx17] [FSx21] [AM] [TG]


Y...you think you can see the floor of the room.

After a few moments of just staring, you realize that your sylladex is of course filled up with an absolutely preposterous amount of items. Better not pick too much more stuff up!

Oh hey look, it's your SGRUB CLIENT.

[CLIENT] [AMx28] [TGx36] [CCx102] >[CHx17] [FSx21] [AM] >TG>

Oops. Eh, plenty more where that came from anyway.

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> Forgive


[TC]: ok...
[TC]: Iknowyoudidthatforthepurposeofthegame...
[TC]: andprobablydidn'tthinkitwouldhurtmyfeelingsthismuch.
[TC]: soIforgiveyou.


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[HL]: lemme- remind--- you--- I<I
[HL]: can-- taste--- your---- blueberry tears
[HL]: so--- man-- up--- wuss...
[HL]: we-- have-- a-- game<game to play

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[TC]: ...wellthatwasmean.
[TC]: grrIhopeCalypsgetstheclientdiskinstalledsoon.
[TC]: cuzIwanttoplaywithsomeonewho'snicetome.
[TC]: >:C

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[HL]: oh-- hey-- look-- I can-- build stuff-

and you proceed to build stuff

[HL]: your--- little--- lightning-<lightning
[HL]: problem-- is taken
[HL]: care--- of, I made--- a cover
[HL]: for the-- outside

-silentOroboros [SO] has been idle for 10 minutes-

[HL]: dude-- wtf
[HL]: you-- burried- again??
[HL]: >:O

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[TC]: ohthanksdude.
[TC]: maybeyou'renotasmeanasIthought!


[TC]: dudeyouthere?
[TC]: didyoufindethediskyet?
[TC]: <:/

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[HL]: sure no--- problem
[HL]: hey-- you-- know-- where<where
[HL]: calypse- is<is?

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[TC]: no...
[TC]: I'mkindaworried...

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[HL]: oh-- hes-- fine
[HL]: hes-- probably-- just<just dead
[HL]: no-- biggie


[HL]: you-- dead?
[HL]: yeah--- you-- dead...

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[TC]: what!?
[TC]: D:<

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[HL]: you-- mad-- bro?
[HL]: why-- you-- so mad<mad?

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[TC]: D:<!!!!!!!

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[HL]: why-- is this-- so<so angering?
[HL]: you're- crying again...

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[TC]: DX<


[TC]: You'rethererightyouaren'tdeadrightImeanwhywouldyoubeI'mjustwonderingbecause
[TC]: wellyouhavebeengoneforalongtimeandnowI'mkindaworried.

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You were bu2ying your2elf contemplating the third floor, notably where you are going to put all thi2 crap to avoid another avalanche.

Better go back down2tair2.

>Calyps: Descend.

Relatively calm Alternian elevator mu2ic a22ault2 your ear2. Or whatever troll2 have 2hort of that.

You're back in the ba2ement.

[sO]: d@n't w@rry baxx i am perfectly fine
[sO]: and al22@ c@incidentally n@t dead

[sO]: n@pe, i am alive
[sO]: and i g@t it!
[sO]: again22t all @dd22 &:p


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[TC]: HA!


[TC]: ohthankgog!
[TC]: yay!
[TC]: myservercopyisinstallingandalmostdone!
[TC]: ;P
[TC]: actuallynowthatIthinkaboutitIdon'tthinkI'veeverseenyou!
[TC]: this'llbeinteresting!

((Muahahaha! Yes, Perry! I7 WILL be in7eres7ing!))

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[HL]: you-- are--- no-- fun..


[HL]: oh -- I knew-- that
[HL]: you- might-- have
[HL]: to- tell-your fanboy<fanboy
[HL]: differently...

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[TC]: what?
[TC]: I'mfun!
[TC]: Chummy

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[HL]: then-- stop-- takin--- things-- like
[HL]: super-- seriously<seriously
[HL]: but-- whateves

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[TC]: sorrybroyoujustfreakedmeout!
[TC]: youmanagedtomesswithapartofmybrainthatItakeseriously.
[TC]: o^o
[TC]: sorry...

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[HL]: oh ---- okay
[HL]: what- part-- of your<your
[HL]: brain-- exactly??

(( I cant think of anything else :c ))


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((Fail! You coulda made fun of him and got him flus7ered for no reason in par7icular.))

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> Find out what Catena has been up to for the past few pages.

You find out what Catena has been up to the past few pages.

Of course. She's been cleaning her hive, as always.

Not that it isn't clean - it is in fact clean as a whistle, but Cat believes that nothing can ever take too much cleaning!

She is polishing her telescope...when she realizes that it is well into the nighttime and that stars may be out at this time of night!

> Catena: Look through telescope.

You are now Catena, and you look through the telescope.

There are so many beautiful and wonderful constellations where you are, and so many stars mean so many things. You know how stars are birthed and how they die, and you can estimate how far away most of them are. But even by knowing all this, you can't know EVERYTHING about them, and you are okay with that. You're actually not okay with a lot of things, but you're okay with this. Even though the stars are totally out of your control...it's okay. It's one of the few things you are content with leaving "how it's meant to be."

You remember that you're supposed to be cleaning, and reluctantly leave your stargazing for another time.

Ugh. What's this all over your table? Looks like your lusus has made a mess trying to make a new dress for herself. Cloth everywhere!

You try to hunt her down. Where could she be?

You find her in her leaf hammock a little later...barely glowing. What's going on?

You know exactly what's going on. Your "sources" (a.k.a the voices in your head/the embodiments those voices take as guides in your dreams, which you still don't know much about and it DRIVES YOU INSANE) have been foretelling this for a while now. "As you grow older and lose belief, the pixie will lose her life."

You didn't expect it to happen this soon, though, did you? You're only 6 sweeps old, you're not nearly old enough to let go of her yet...

...Does this have something to do with the game? Oh gosh, the game, you HAVE to get in, everything will go wrong if you don't get in...

Your little pixie's light fades away more and more, till there's only a little left.

Wasn't there a fairy tale...where you clapped your hands to show that you believed, and brought her to life that way?

> Clap your hands if you believe!

You clap, you clap so hard.

"I'm sorry I got mad whenever you nagged me, I'm sorry I didn't believe in your fairy tales, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I love you," you try to say...but it's not working.

A faint tinkling sound in heard from her tiny mouth...and then the light goes out.

You try to wipe away the tears - you have to be strong, you need to get it together, you need to regain composure and control...

You go back online and troll everyone.

--- cleansingOperator [CO] began trolling silentOroborus [SO] ---

[CO]: Calyps?
[CO]: Calyps, * are * you * there?
[CO]: Look, * I'm * sorry * if * this * is * a * bad * time,
[CO]: But * if * you * could * take * a * moment * with * me,
[CO]: That * would * be * really * nice,
[CO]: And * we * could * also * figure * out * how * could * get * into * the * game * somehow!

--- cleansingOperator [CO] began trolling trulyCunning [TC] --

[CO]: Hello? * Sepius?
[CO]: How * are * you * doing?

--- cleansingOperator [CO] began trolling uniformedPrivateer [UP] ---

[CO]: Olyx?
[CO]: Um...how * did * you * feel * when * your * lusus * died?
[CO]: Random * question, * I * know, * but * I'd * like * your * input * all * the * same!

--- cleansingOperator [CO] began trolling humoringLagspike [HL] ---

[CO]: Hey, * um
[CO]: If * you * have * any * idea * how * to * get * me * into * the * game * somehow, * since * I * don't * have * a * copy, * am * newly * orphaned, * and * might * spend * an * unnecessary * death * alone
[CO]: That * would * be * great!

You want to cry. Oh, wait, you ARE crying.

Stupid girl. Stupid distractions. Stupid way of getting help.

Must be strong. Must be calm. Must stay in control.

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[TC]: ohheyCatena
[TC]: thisisanunsuspectedyetpleasantsurprise!
[TC]: I've...
[TC]: beenbetter.
[TC]: whataboutyou?
[TC]: what'sup?
[TC]: Chummy

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