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Trapped in a Place of Residence - Homestuck'd RP

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People who are in this thing:
Taffy as silentOuroboros (SOH|PROSPIT)
Peace as currencyArtisan (CAH|PROSPIT)
Socks as tenaciouslyOverexcited (TOA|DERSE)
Trout as satiricalInquirer (SINE|DERSE)

Name: 4-6 chars
Specibus: What do you use to fight?
Modus: If it's a new one, what's it do?
Interests and Details:
Hive: Describe it here
Description or Picture:
Shirt Character: ie @ or something
Horns: Describe them here
Lusus: Describe it here
Quirk: how does you type?
Planet: Land of Stuff and More Stuff (LOSAMS)
Hero Title: Hero of Titles
Special Abilities: What sets your troll apart from others? Examples: AT's animal communion, GA's Mother Grub Lusus, AA's being DEAD, TA's programming skill, CC's being a princess and a seadweller... etc.

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Name: Inqirin Colheed
Blood: Navy Blue
Interests and Details: He is educated, and a bit of a smartass as such. His hive is littered with books. Mostly on geometry and trigonometry. He is a misanthrope.
Hive: An upside-down pyramid-like structure.
Description or Picture:
Shirt Character: ‽
Quirk:Do you really speak in questions? Yes.
Lusus Naturae: A creature that has two torsos, one serving as legs, one as arms.
Planet: Land of Entropy and Thunder
Hero Title: Gambler of Lightning
Special Abilities: Memos

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Name: Pocervi Volbant


Modus: Ball labyrinth ( object's are stored in holes in the box, and you roll the marble into the hole of the object and it is put into the 1 slot you have outside the box, he can screw up and get the wrong item and has to re store it to your labyrinth)

Interests and Details: even though his name and quirk imply his wealth he is more middle, he talks normally, but can get flustered, he likes collecting coins.

Hive: a bank like structure, more troll like though

Description or Picture:
Shirt Character: ƒ
Quirk: ƒrankly your voi₡€ i$ quit€ ri₡h

Lusus: griffin

Hero title: Hunter of Space

planet: Land of Vaults and waterfalls

Horns: like the cent symbol

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Name: Calyps Apiero
Blood: Yellow
Specibus: discKind
Modus: Revolver (when an item is removed the next one rotates into place. when an item is added the next one rotates into place. can only take from top card in the "cylinder")
Interests and Details: dislikes caste bias, fond of candy, good memory/intuition, often completely lost in terms of social matters
Hive: Tall hexagonal tower (5 stories or so?) with external staircase at some points, wider parts for rooms and 3 lit support columns linked to it with suspension wires, an elevator running from the basement to the 3rd floor. The basement houses a massive "hard drive", storing volumes of data and trollish media.
Description or Picture:
Jacket is longsleeved, tan, shirt is black with logo, pants are long, white with black lining, ends are rolled up, shoes are amber/cyan, glasses are yellow, fangs are vestigial, eyes are avg. yellow color, expression is amiable (for a troll).
by trout, edited by me
Shirt Character: @
Horns: Tight inward spiral.
Lusus: Ouroboros
Quirk: sspeakss witth an @dd ss@unding hissss
(That is to say: O=@, doubles S/TH sound when it would make a hissing sound without seeming out of place, doubles some letters arbitrarily, often uses ...)
Planet: Land of Circuitry and Halos
Hero Title: Rogue of Time
Special Abilities: Awakened, Psychic (interface w/ machinery/electronics)

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Name: Hemmor H. Brean
Blood: Puuurple.
Specibus: harpoonKind
Modus: Array
Interests and Details: Hemmor has an odd love for sharp objects and has taken a liking to purple.
Hive: An underwater 'biodome'.
Description or Picture: Hemmor has long at the front and back slightly brown-black hair, and wears what humans call 'aviators', they are pretty much prescription glasses but tinted purple, aviator style. Also, Hemmor is a Seadweller.
Shirt Character: ~
Horns: Pretty much nubby small ram-horns.
Lusus: A leopard with dragonfly wings.
Quirk: You tend to spe4k w1th 4 sh4rp tone to your vo1ke.
Planet: Land of Fire and Blade.
Hero Title: Executor of Fire

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Name: Zealia Vocifer

Blood: Red-Violet

Specibus: Starkind

Modus: Gumball Machine, it picks an item at random and spits it out in a capsule. She only likes it because it's colorful.

Interests and Details: Has a secret love for chains and gothic lolita things, she hides that stuff under her fluffy rainbow pillows.

Hive: A half-globe. Simple. but comfortable. ^^

Description or Picture:

Shirt Character: !

Horns: Hidden. Her hair is too poofy for anything but the points to be seen.

Lusus: Faerie Hamster.

Quirk: Itsortodalltendstoruntogetherbecauseshetalksreallyreallyfast!!

Planet: Land of Candy and Medieval Torture Chambers

Hero Title: Ninja of Seizures (By the way mine isn't the longest title, so yeah.)

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What sleep-induced apology post? Was there one? Pfftt you're seeing things.

Name: Catena Pholus
Blood: Red
Specibus: broomKind
Modus: Toilet paper roll (sometimes it's frustrating to use when what she needs isn't on the last "sheet", though)
Interests and Details: She loves watching the stars, and has taken an interest in astronomy. She's extremely tidy, to the point of being considered a bit of a neat freak. She cares more about people than she lets on, though she can be a little hot-headed on occassion.
Hive: An abandoned observatory
Description or Picture:
Shirt Character: *
Horns: They're kind of bent.
Lusus: A very bossy pixie.
Quirk: You*speak*in*a*very*light*voice*and*take*crisp*pauses*between*words.
Planet: Land of Light and Stars (LOLAS)
Hero Title: Maid of Heart
Special Abilities: Psychic - She can "enter" inanimate objects, and does so often with a rag doll she cherished as a child.

(By the way you all probably know about the whole blood color issue and it's been solved don't worry we're just still working out kinks and stuff yeah okay)

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Two things:
A) I fixed mine! sorry for the colors being off....My computer/prismacolors are mean.
B) @Jills: Maid? ...Moai? Chummy Epic. Sorry about the whole stealing your blood thing. Haha, if you only have two pennies...erm..sorry, I'm not making sense anymore...

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